Kardin Stonebrow


Kardin Stonebrow
Noble Born > Ardent (Artifice) > Tyro-Artificer > Rune Caster
85 y/o


Will: 5
Perception: 4
Strength: 5
Forte: 6
Agility: 4
Speed: 4

Health: 6
5 + 1 for being a Dwarf
Mortal Wounds: 12
Superficial: B3
Light: B6
Midi: B9
Severe: B10
Traumatic: B11
Steele: 5
Hesitation: 5
Reflexes: 4

Circles: B2
Resources: B2

51 RPs: Shoddy Light Axe, Dwarven-made Light Mail, Clothes, Traveling Gear, Sturdy Shoes
Relationship: Forbidden Romantic relationship with Halel, Betrothed of the missing Prince
Reputation: 1D The Son of Glorin Stonebrow, fallen Master of the Forges.
Affiliation: 1D Member of the outcast group Deep Delve
Affiliation: 1D Member of the Bronze Hammer faction of Artificers
Affiliation: 1D Blacksheep member of the Family Stonebrow, protected from others but not from each other.

1: Prove myself worthy of being brought back into the forge. (Find a source of useful materials for crafting in these strange new lands)
2: Belief about another PC
3:I must find what or whom created this giant walking masterpieces of beauty and power…. these Colossus if you will.
4 (Oath): I have sworn to Halel that I will make her father see me as a Dwarf worthy of her beard and hand.

1: When I see or hear a bird, I run and scream.
2: I always scavenge for useful things in ruins and battlefields
3: Draw my axe when encountering danger

Accustomed to the Dark (Dt)
Bearded (Char)
Greed (Dt)
Oathsword (Dt)
Shaped from Earth and Stone (Dt)
Stout (Dt)
Tough (Dt)
Dvergar (Dt)
Humility (Char)
Stolid (Char)
Slave to Fate (Char)
Phobia (Ornithophobia) (Dt)

Dwarven Rune Script: B3
Prospecting: B2
Hammer: B2
Ancient Languages: B2
Obscure History: B2
Black Metal Artifice: B3
Fire Building: B2
Soothing Platitudes: B2
Mending: B3
Dwarven Art-wise: B2
Rune Casting: B3
Foraging: B2
Scavenging: B2
Soot-wise: B2

Kardin Stonebrow

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